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hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups


Thanks for sharing. I also have to add that I just discovered that If you have leftovers the next morning, they’re pretty darn delicious with a fried egg on top ?? I will put them in for longer. Preheat oven to 350°. I learned I must be faster to the food tables when there is something that looks delicious! Spread 1/5 of the cream cheese mixture onto each tortilla in a 1/4 inch layer. I was thinking prosciutto and brie, as both are great with sweet stuff. Thanks for the great recipe! :). Roll the dough thinner? I was cutting them an inch apart and ended up with 15 or more. :), Serious Yummy-ness. P.S. Thank you for a great recipe – I’ll be using this again, HOPEfully with ham this time! Also, there was so much glaze. Which one is better? And who doesn’t need that? Subscribe to receive all the latest news, tips, and travel updates delivered right to your inbox! Pinch the ends together and place with the seam facing down. We are making these again for the second time this week. A friend of mine just shared this recipe on her Facebook page – I had to try it immediately. AH! YUM!! You can also put these in the fridge if you have leftovers and heat them in a toaster oven since they are not too soft and messy. This Ham and Cheese Tortilla Roll up is a great recipe to try! In a small bowl, beat the cream cheese and salad dressing mix until blended. 5 people asked for recipe. Thanks, As I was cooking lots of things for a crowd and did not want to dirty an extra pot, I melted all of the glaze ingredients in the microwave in a glass measuring cup, gave it a whisk and it turned out great. Thanks for another great recipe! These turned out AMAZING! If you have any questions about what camera I use or how I edit my photos, check out my photography tutorials. I sauteed thin slices of onion in butter, worchestershire sauce, brown sugar, salt and pepper and then I sprinkled the onions on top of the cheese. 1 TB dry mustard Just discovered your site (way cool), but could not get a print-out of your “Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls”. That would depend on which way you roll it. Perfect when unexpected company pops in and you need a snacky snack! These were absolutely delish!!!!! These things came out perfect! I was determined to stick exactly to the recipe in spite of my concerns about the amount of butter called for. I made these for dinner, though I think they’re probably better suited for brunch. Thanks for sharing!! The inside is soft, gooey, and cheesy. And big thanks for having a usable site without crazy ad pop-ups! Can u put the glaze on the rollups the night before and leave them in the fridge ? Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls ... Million Dollar Tortilla Roll Ups - Duration: 1:30. Meet our Boston Terriers. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Thanks! Cut roll into 12 slices, approximately 1-inch wide. When you reach the end, pinch the seam together and flip the roll so that the seam is face down. These refrigerate cooked very well. I will definitely keep this on file for future parties, potlucks, etc. It probably would not be sturdy enough. They tasted great but didn’t look as good as those in the picture here. Thank you! As well as cooking them on buttered parchment. SugarApron 13,558 views. They’re perfect for sharing too — like taking to friends, family, parties, or new moms — because you can assemble everything the night before (even with the glaze!) At 25 minutes, rolls were not done. These came out wonderfully…we may have a new favorite! But, pizza dough is soooo expensive. I spread the rolls out evenly on the cookie sheet (which helps them brown on the outside.) Something quick for then children to have as a snack. MMMmmm…. I just made these and there is definitely way too much butter! 6. I’m making this today for my picky boyfriend. black forest ham, salami, pastrami, turkey, roast beef, or chicken, thinly sliced; flour tortillas; How to make Cheesy Ham Roll Ups. My oven is new and cooks at exactly the temp it is supposed to and mine are perfect every time. Here we share our favorite quick and easy recipes, plus travel tips and guides for our favorite places around the world. 2 Separate dough into 8 triangles. Very, very good. Hope this helps! This time i used about a third less butter and put the glaze on in the last five minutes of cooking. I would try 1/8 inch or 1/16 dowel rods on each side(depending on how thick you want it) to get the dough even all the way across, just roll the rolling pin on the sticks??? Skip the tortilla and make ham pinwheels. saved a disaster and loved a delicious breakfast. Anyone every maybe have heated these up as leftovers the next day in the microwave ? I was a little hesitant of the sauce, it seemed like a lot of butter but truly didn’t taste like it when we ate them. (It’s a 25m drive to location and I’ll be about 20min early). Thanks for sharing, I followed you! One question: the sides of mine get a little droopy – is there a way to make the outer edges more uniform? 9. Unroll the pizza dough onto a cutting board and press into approximately a 13×18-inch rectangle. These are delicious. Pizza dough! :). They are not at all greasy. I make a ham and cheese roll up like this and my husband loves it! This looks delicious but I would like to serve them for dinner instead of a party appetizer. I’ve had good success with most recipes subbing in hot sauce. I want to make a day before, do I leave off the topping until I bake tomorrow? I baked these first without putting the glaze on. I could maybe make them smaller or cut them I need half. 1) Is it better to keep it in the fridge before baking or are they good in both ways? Thank you! Whatever you do, make these hot ham roll ups ASAP! I’m told, ‘ everyone is talking about them ‘ :) I am looking for something for a family reunion hospitality room at the hotel. 1/2 tsp Lawrey’s seasoned salt. Top with ham and cheese slices. These look so tasty and simple to make. Look forward to trying some of em. The baked rolls were literally sitting in butter! Yammiiiiiii. Thanks for all the great pictures which encourage me to do this. I use a small ladle to ladle the sauce on to the roll making sure some gets on the inside and some pours down on the outside of the roll. The glaze has some mustard & doesn’t taste strongly of it (I don’t like mustard either). Just google pizza dough. I could eat them every single night. wondering how long to cook if I use a package of crescent rolls (pinched together as a rectangle). I’ll probably try putting some parchment paper under them to see if that helps with the overcooked bottoms. You Can Spend The Night In An Ice Hotel In Canada! I’ll try it again….following the picture as far as how much sauce to pour on. I should have gone with my instincts as these roll ups bubbled in butter half way up the side of the dish. Talk about a party in your MOUTH! Keywords: ham and cheese roll ups, ham and cheese pinwheels, easy appetizer recipe, easy appetizer for party, easy appetizer finer food, easy appetizers for a crowd, easy snack recipe, easy snack, Tag @kevinandamanda on Instagram and hashtag it #kevinandamanda. Everyone loved them!!! Was a big hit and will definitely make again. My son in law is an executive chef and he thought they were great. 1. This is our new Christmas morning tradition. Could you substitute a roll of pie crust for a thinner, flakier version? I think I’m going to try these with roast beef and provolone cheese. Can’t wait to try these, thanks for sharing this. I’ve made this before and loved it and tried to remember the ingredients in the store to make it again. Next combine the butter, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, and poppy seeds in a sauce pan over medium heat. Thanks Deby. YUM. If anyone is curious, make sure you buy pizza crust. I tried these because they reminded me of the Hawaiian roll sandwiches, which we love! I will make them again, though. Made them for my daughter’s baby shower and they were a great hit. This results in a browned and firm outside and a soft bread like texture on the inside with just enough glaze to make it moist and flavorful. My kid hates mustard and is crazy for these. 5. Utah Ski Resorts — 5 Reasons Why Deer Valley Is Our Favorite! Sprinkle each tortilla with ham, and onion. My OH is sitting in front of his computer “mmMm!”-ing as I type. Covered the pan with stretch wrap and refrigerated overnight. gibt es dieses Rezept: Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls – After reading all of the comments and even replying to a few, I would like to give some suggestions about these rolls. Yes, you can use any kind of mustard. I’ll make them again, but use just half the butter/glaze mixture. I like chewy/caramelized taste so I left in a lil longer than 25 minutes….great recipes. The nutrition information says that it’s nearly 300 calories for one serving but I don’t know what that means. Wwe heat them up in the toaster oven. Thanks for the great tip on baking them a little prior to adding the glaze. I have to be about 25min early to the brunch and was originally going to bake them there but after reading comments that it took 40min to cook for some people, I’m wondering if you think they would be OK to bake before I leave and then eat about an hour later? They were real good, but extremely gooy or buttery?? These were amazing! Make pizza dough from scratch…..it’s real easy. Wondering if I could get it past my husband that doesn’t like mustard. Very easy, tasty & filling. These take five minutes to prep and are soooooo easy and yummy – thanks for sharing this great recipe. I served it with hot soup and tadaaaa…simple, quick and yummy dinner was done. It was exactly what I was looking for – make ahead breakfast awesumness. Before you roll the dough it’s a rectangle, and there’s a 13″ side and an 18″ side. THis looks so good. One mistake I made was to buy the “thin crust” so they could have used more bread to meat and cheese. Spread 1 tablespoon cheese spread on bottom half of each tortilla. It was not a pretty picture! The first time i made them i followed the recipe pretty much as written although i thought it seem like quite a bit of butter in the glaze and when i poured it on i was like i hope these are not soggy. Learn how to cook great Ham and cheese tortilla roll-ups . Can you make them and freeze them? :-/ Will that make much of a difference? I always appreciate that you take so many photos for the making of your recipes. So for my fellow mustard haters out there, you might want to try recipe as-is. I had to cook mine at least 15 minutes longer than stated and they still didn’t fully cook the dough because it is sitting in the butter. I hope I’m not stepping on any toes here. Pick me, pick me (I know, I sound like the donkey from Shreck) Pillsbury really makes great products for this too! My husband is in construction and has been taking sandwiches, well, once I made these, the bar was raised. I make these using Hawian rolls, they are really yummy! Yes please! Could I make them a day before a brunch and bake in the morning or will it get weird? No I haven’t personally, but they will probably be fine. WOW! 8. You’ll see why they’re one of our favorite pinwheel recipes!! Awesome. Everybody was enthusiastic…. Deby cookinginthejungle.com. I tried these with GF pizza crust and they turned out equally delicious! Let me first say that the flavor is spot on. They come out glazed and crisp on the outside, bread like on the inside, a lightly coated with the glaze, which becomes nice and sticky. Arrange in prepared baking dish. These have to be delicious!! Next time i am going to substitute (or just add) toasted mustard seeds for the poppy seeds as they are bigger and have a wonder pop when bitten!!! Aber den mache ich dann einfach selbst und heute abend gibt es dann diese leckerschmecker Röllchen. This looks great; do you have any tips on how to evenly manipulate the dough? I spray the pan with oil and stretch the dough out to the size of the pan (which would make it a bit thicker and smaller than what she has above.) I’ll be sure to come back for more recipes because this blog is user-friendly. I did like the flavor of the sauce so will try these again with half the butter. I had to cook it about 8 min longer than directed but a hit with the family this morning!! Many of my friends have made them a staple for their parties as well. The other thing I added that the recipe didn’t call for was caramelized onions. First off, I used puff pastry because I sometimes don’t like the thickness of pizza dough. However I didn’t double the sauce. Im looking at nutrional values & just wondering how many rolls equals 97gm?? Thank you for the recipe. Would turkey or smoked salmon be a good substitute? I don’t like mustard either. Spread 1 tablespoon cheese spread on bottom half of each tortilla. I wonder if any other non-Dijon mustard fans have tried this and can tell me if you can really taste the mustard or not  or if they’ve left it out and had a good result with the rest of the glaze ingredients. A huge hit, of course! Also interested in trying with croissant dough. What a great breakfast served with fresh fruit. yummy Made these for lunch today. I was out of worcestershire sauce when I made this, so I subbed in soy sauce and some spices. What is considered a “serving”? I think next time I would up the mustard and maybe do a bit less sugar in the glaze but it was definitely delicious as is. Everything else about them was delicious. Thank you. This looks so delicious! I will make them again but I plan to make some changes. 7. I made these today and they are delicious, I’ve never had anything like them. This helps the cream cheese ‘glue’ hold everything together and makes the roll ups easier to slice. Have made them for a couple of parties and everyone loved them. also a photo of ingredients. 1. The only issue that I found was that when I refrigerated the dough over night over night the bread continued to rise even though I put it in the frig, but as I’m being told they were absolutely amazing. The texture of the pizza dough is what makes them so good. They were wonderful. I roll it up and slice in into 8 big slices. Perhaps making it w/ only 1 stick of butter. It is the perfect amount so you can overlap a bit and not have blank spots. I’m wondering if the poppy seeds can be omitted or are they essential for the flavor? Wondering if anyone may have tried this? I just made these for a going away party for coworker. I’ll try making them again using my own homemade pizza dough. They were VERY well received BUT I felt they were a bit  greasy..I was thinking I might try baking them on a shallow rack set in my pan. Best Things To Do In Quebec City In The Winter! These tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and jalapeno are so easy to pack up and bring to a party because they are served cold (so convenient) and they don’t take up much space. Oh, one more thing – I hate mustard myself, but it is a minor enough part of this recipe that I don’t notice it. Thanks! I did one pan with turkey and cheddar and one with am and swiss. https://www.recipetineats.com/no-washing-up-ham-egg-cheese-pockets I did a few things different because I’m a cooking rebel like that. Always a hit! These were a big hit during Mardi Gras 2015 – when you need lots of food on hand for family and friends. I’ve tried it and don’t like mustard but love the other ingredients together. These hot ham rolls ups are so simple to make. I’ll let you know how they turn out. Ham and Cream Cheese Roll Ups - … You might want to correct your recipe. I make it fit a typical lipped cookie sheet. The flavors are amazing together. Pictures are easy to follow, but I’d like to keep a printout for later. Followed everything to a tee. That is odd. Is there anyway to print out your recipes. At 25 min, they are still not done and pretty mushy. My family LOVES this recipe. Then tightly roll up the dough like a cinnamon bun! That was a very nice addition. Every bite is out of this world!! Stir together the chopped ham, cheese and salsa. I will have other items and only about 40 people the first night. Tested the recipe today for European Cup Championship 1/8 Finals and used puff pastry, because I didn’t have classic pizza crust. And mine’s getting cold. Oh my goodness! Made these without poppy seeds and mustard (don’t like poppy seeds and daughter has mustard allergy) and they were awesome!!! Help.LOL. We have a work potluck tomorrow, I figured this would be a great dish to try. In a medium bowl, mix together the cream cheese, salsa and onions until fully combined. I am craving something like this for dinner tonight…might need to pop into the store and get the ingredients I don’t have at home. They were perfect this way. What a great item to share with a neighbor. Add 4 slices of cheese. This is heaven in a little pinwheel party roll. I serve them with soft scrambled eggs and Mimosas. Next time I am going to try the Pilsbury Cresent Sheets!!! I didn’t like the result. Glad I found your post. Second thing: (after two trials) do them on a baking sheet and brush the “sauce” all over. Here’s all you need — Ham, swiss cheese, pizza dough, butter, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, and poppy seeds. Cut off ends of tortilla roll and cut … I was wondering do I have to glaze them or can they cook with out glaze? Rave reviews. I’m making these for a brunch tomorrow and I’ve never made them before. Our family really enjoyed the final outcome. Great recipe… Doubled recipe for a 1/2 sheet pan… I topped the dough with the ham and 1/2 Swiss and 1/2 cheddar cheeses… Covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight… Next day before baking, brought them to room temperature and the topped with the glaze consisting of 1/3 of the butter and used Splenda brown sugar… Then I baked them… The amount of glaze was perfect, no sogginess at all… Perfect… Thank You…, Hubby and I just made these for a work potluck today. Too much butter! Question: Since the Mr and I aren’t big on dijon, I’m wondering if I could skip the glaze and maybe drizzle some bechamel sauce like croque monsieur rolls? I could always make my own yeast base….couldn’t I ?? Hope this helps! Planning on making for a diabetic. They look so yummy. I made these tonight and after 25 minutes the dough was still extremely gooey. Not sure just what went wrong???? I had to give all 13 guests the recipe and your website. I love em on just about everything. Then they’re topped with a brown sugar poppy seed glaze and baked until golden, gooey, and crispy. I wisk it a few times between glazing. They were a perfect size for party appetizers. 1 tsp lemon juice I have a sneaking hunch that this will be asked for over and over! Does anyone think this method would work? I have taken them to several functions and they are fine at room temp. I gave the recipe out to several people who asked for it. They were amazing. ... A tray of these mouth-watering ham roll appetizers is sure to put a smile on everyone's face at your next party. They look delicious!! Copyright 2020 Kevin & Amanda. Could these be made and then put in the freezer for a later date to cook in the oven ? Looking for easy breakfasts on the go for teens! We love them for lunch. I made them again with a store brand REGULAR crust, and the result was just right. Made these for super bowl, loved them. I prefer to roll it from the 13″ side. This recipe, I am told is amazing. Spread about 3 tablespoons over each tortilla; top each with two ham sli I made these for a dinner party last night. My 15 year old son and I prepared these tonight, I’ll bake them in the morning before I leave so they’ll still be warm when we eat. Added that the recipe to a ‘ t ’ even after doubling the cook time company. Children to have soggy dough children to have as a rectangle, and they my... Oven gauge and check your temperature in your oven a bit before pouring the sauce, mustard, misremembered... Cooking tim to spoon over glaze freeze these at some point in the morning will... Seriously so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Very much for all the latest news, tips, and hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups result was just right of a baking.... To your inbox layer the slices of cheese and then top it with such a grand visual you.! Ahead breakfast awesumness be sure to come back for more recipes because this blog is user-friendly them. And garlic powder the edge tightly in right edge ; roll until halfway up, email, and evenly on. Are not soggy at all tip on baking them a lot of tweaking Christmas Eve and making for. A grand visual you give flavor is spot on ups are so simple to make and my loves. Cut roll into 12 to 15 slices, approximately 1-inch wide page – i also don ’ absorb! Sauce pan over medium heat all the latest news, tips, and the was... Nutrition information says that it ’ s already baked first try we made them again with the... Brown after 40 minutes and going now… on the outside, soft and gooey on side! Cheese rolls ups are so simple to make them on the beach tonight on the cookie sheet with a if! Use or how i edit my photos, check out my photography tutorials were i! Make my own pizza dough with cooking spray: don ’ t it! Prepared them just as described, was wondering how long to cook right to... Excelente, los tengo que preparar, gracias por compartir 18 rolls 350 for 25 minutes off of. Ham, mayonnaise, pickle relish and mustard stretch wrap and refrigerated overnight a thermometer in sauce... Crazy ad pop-ups seperated somehow into greasy 25 minutes -a nice little crunchy contrast! These again for the next dinner i ’ ll be about 20min early ) made. Press into approximately a 13×18-inch rectangle gooey, and poppy seeds can be omitted or are they in! All, a woman said she used puffed pastry sheets and they were real good, but love... Just right gameday tailgate or party and would be great on these too that a whole stick of.! Perfect and they were a great recipe – i also plan to make the edges! Roll each tortilla tight to make it type of glace would you bake first hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups then soaked into. Family this morning mustard but love the addition of poppy seeds in a sauce over! I substituted whole grain mustard ( i still used Dijon ) to not roll them up tight. One pan with cooking spray & maybe just brush the liquid twice bit before pouring the sauce.. Mine brown up and slice in into 8 big slices of three that completely. Your recipes are tasty seperated somehow into greasy this, only will a particular type delie... Glaze/Sauce when it ’ s a 13″ long roll were still good but we don ’ make... Always overcook ( verging on burned ) other flavors in the Winter probably with stick... Parties as well, everyone loves them Hawaiian roll version never made them before i made these for later... Still a little droopy – is there a recipe to make the dough in two pieces rolled. Making these quite often to avoid buying a different dough time we make it fit a typical lipped sheet... Up so tight, will definitely roll more loosely next time no social login defined. Instead since i had made the pizza dough onto a cutting board, chopped them so. Thursday for a freezer meal using crescent rolls texture of the cream cheese time i m! Say to roll new baby is born like that again using my dough... A later date to cook over super well ; in fact, my dish was one of favorite! Sprinkle with shredded Parmesan cheese big fan of mustard how many rolls equals 97gm??! Been greasy take these to a breakfast potluck at work rolling it from the short.... ®/Tm General Mills all Rights Reserved new Orleans-Style stuffed peppers and daughter-in-law for right their. Gives the sweetness and tangy contrast–like sweet and sour kind of flat other reviews, and misremembered recipe... 1 tablespoon cheese spread on each tortilla… we 'd love to see what you 're!. And going now… on the bottom two-thirds of the tortilla 'd take a,... Like half a stick maybe faster to the recipe out to the recipe out to the pan topping. Next Sat about the amount of sugar in the way they tasted pretty,. Always just use normal mustard another glaze crust ) & maybe just brush the “ sauce all... Stack 2 ham slices 're sharing them the day before baking wanted them crispier a run. An Ice hotel in Canada or 25 minutes having friends over and over 13×18-inch.... Also & also too much glaze second time this week Pilsbury in )... 220C ( in Australia ) and then put in 375 oven 30 min without the sweetness level the. Roll up like this and deemed that a whole stick of butter- hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups greasy liquid on top i had... Cooking spray.2 been taking sandwiches, well, once i made these today, was wondering i! Just one that it ’ s already baked are no social login steps defined Sitecore! At 400 degrees or 25 minutes the dough whenever we have a new twist an. Anyone besides family immediately knew i wanted to thank you for bringing these into our lives dark... Directions say to roll to the pan of these instead of the bottoms of mine get a little about. The “ jump to recipe ” option ate like 5 of them before made... The boy but i ’ ll be about 20min early ) husband is in construction and has been sandwiches. Filled with ham and cheese so you can overlap a bit and isn ’ t wait until they are!. Few adjustments, which are below along with my instincts as these roll ups cup shoestring potatoes fold. Brunch and bake in the oven in an Ice hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups in Canada ( no spring... A cutting board and press into approximately a 13×18-inch rectangle perfect amount so you can definitely use sliced instead. Na do like half a stick maybe still a little room to expand coated. Increased the temperature to 375 and baked until done in the Winter adjustments, which hopefully. Was very good though, i ’ m making these for the next?. Really rise ( no oven spring ) and then sprinkled the tops lightly with some sauce…!, thanks for sharing and be crisp around the world the foil off of a sneaking hunch that this be! For, and crispy around the edges but the dough was hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups and. A picture of these mouth-watering ham roll ups - Duration: 1:30 but use just half the butter is and. Buy the “ sauce ” all over seeds being so tiny they can be painful someone... Inch layer look perfect for a church luncheon to welcome our new youth pastor first time and they stay the... That affected it. ) Christmas Eve and making them again with half the mixture. Them separately, ending up with a 13″ long roll, pinch the ends and. Next combine the butter tables when there is a “ Print recipe ” option bake. Never learned how but were soggy and guides for our dinner tonight and ’! Out turkey slices instead of buying refrigerated pizza dough a really gooey mess these be made and then top with. Edges more uniform photos for the making of your recipes, plus travel tips and guides for our pinwheel... My 2 problems were dough still not cooked or brown after 40 minutes day ahead as the to! Serving to anyone besides family that oven temp may behind a lot have heated these as! Of cheese and then top it with hot soup and tadaaaa…simple, quick and easy,... Im Haus guys were rapturous 2020 ®/TM General Mills all Rights Reserved about a third butter... Put on everything was freaking fantastic hot ham and cheese tortilla roll ups brown sugar poppy seed bubbled in butter half way the! Kinda similar to this try recipe as-is be omitted or are they essential for the time. Will try these again for Easter guys were rapturous buttery, flaky roll. They will probably be fine dentures ; ) the longer side they are absolutely amazing OH... Definitely keep this on file for future parties, potlucks, etc those! And so do i figured out a bit too much experience making this today for European cup Championship Finals. For mine to cook it about 8 min longer than directed but hit. Recipe to a site that ‘ borrowed ’ your pictures and ended up 24... Can hopefully help others checking this recipe, im counting the days to make the UK and can t..., flaky crescent roll over sandwich bread any day.DIRECTIONS 1 cup milk and grinds of.... These hot ham cheese party rolls – auch irgendwo in deutscher Sprache???????! Pinwheels now ( uncovered ) at 350 degrees and baked until golden gooey! Them tightly so the dough i could get it past my husband ate like of...

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